Peach and Raspberries Smoothie

I tried Peach Melba for the first time in 2009, when traveling with my parents in south of France and I it was love since the first bite…

Sweet Cherry Green Pancakes

I had so many eggs on hand this week and I love the challenge of creating recipes to use them. The obvious would be a fritada, spanish tortilla or even scrambled eggs every morning but I like it better incorporated in different recipes.

Strawberry and Cream Smoothie

A great way to start the day. It’s fast, easy, sweet, healthy and delicious. Who doesn’t like strawberries and cream? I love it!

Ceviche Shitake

Ceviche is a classic Peruvian dish made with fish. Here I recreate this dish with shitake mushrooms. You can use other kind of mushrooms if you don’t have Shitakes on hand.